How HardLite was formed

Our company was created by both bike enthusiasts and mechanics. We opened a bicycle and carbon repair workshop in 2013. Over time we started repairing more complex parts, such as carbon frames, carbon fiber rims, etc.

We then began to develop our own parts to use in shifters, derailleurs, and in suspensions. Our time spent fixing all the many problems that come with riding a bicycle for both sport and pleasure gave us a large base of knowledge and experi
ence for the future. We developed a strong desire to offer affordable bicycle components without compromising on quality.






What HardLite is today and what we do

After leaving behind the area of bicycle and carbon repairs we have begun solely focusing on production of our bicycle components. For a few years, we have been making quality, lightweight components right out of Lviv, Ukraine. We have developed many standards to fit all kinds of different models of bikes, and are still planning more options in the future.








We currently are making products such as lightweight chainrings, thru axles, carbon handlebars and seat posts. All of our designing and manufacturing is done in Ukraine. Our goal is to offer cyclists around the world the lightweight components they desire, but at an affordable price, without compromising on quality or durability.