All You Need to Know About Thru Axles

Using thru axles to secure wheels to frames and forks is the best possible method available. They are superior in concept, but the lack by the bicycle industry of a common standard has been a nightmare for some people. Thru axles can greatly increase the stiffness of the interface between the hub and the dropouts, also giving the hub a unique mounting position to improve the interface between caliper and rotor on bikes with disc brakes. Whether it comes down to the difference between front and rear standards, diameter and axle thread pitch, and a confusing list of dropout widths, there are many standards to sift through. Also unfortunate is the fact that there aren’t many places to find good answers to questions about compatibility. Most manufacturers of frames do not even post the standards that they currently are using. In the chance that you lose your stock axle or want to upgrade, this absence of information can be very frustrating. That is why we are taking the time to try to clarify a few issues.

A Common Misunderstanding: Firstly, understand that DT Swiss manufactures thru axles for just about every possible standard. Try not to expect that just because your current thru axle has a DT logo it uses this DT standard. There is a big possibility that it is some other standard chosen or developed by the manufacturer with a stock axle that DT Swiss simply manufactured.

The E-thru Mystery: “E-Thru”, a Shimano-developed standard, has several standards that use the E-Thru label. Use of internal or external threading, dropout thickness and use of an external, replaceable nut are all used to determine if the axle fits your frame. For example, a basic E-Thru 142 axle also fits many E-Thru Boost 148 frames, while the standard E-Thru axle may be too long for many E-thru 142 frames because they require a shorter model. We strongly advise that you measure the actual length of your existing E-Thru axle when ordering a replacement. Don’t expect that because your frame has Boost 148 and uses E-Thru that it requires the E-Thru Boost 148 axle, as this may not be the case.

What About Sizing? There are 4 main characteristics to consider when deciding on the proper thru axle for your bicycle frame or fork:

  • Head Shape: Flat or conical (tapered)
  • Total Axle Length: The length of the axle, not including the bolt head.  
  • Thread pitch: Expressed as distance between threads in millimeters, this is the thread standard for axles.
  • Thread Length: The total length of the threaded part of an axle.

Other Helpful Tools:

  • Fits…A list of known forks or frames that are compatible. (usually not very extensive)
  • Also Important to observe: There can sometimes be very small variations within each standard. For the most part, the model within the standard listed should work for you with only a few small exceptions.

HardLite axles

CNC-machined from high strength 7075 T6 aluminum, with multiple butting
T6 temper 7075 has an ultimate tensile strength of 510–540 MPa (74,000–78,000 psi) and yield strength of at least 430–480 MPa (63,000–69,000 psi)
Our CNC machine can provide 0.02mm accuracy or less on each axle 
Anodizing is "fat" and hard deep industrial layer can provide protection of mechanical impacts, good look and excellent tactile sensations of the each axle for a long time.
All the axles 100% made in Lviv, Ukraine. So we can control product quality on each processing step


· CNC-machined from high strength 7075 T6 aluminum, with multiple butting

· Mounting 6 mm Hex key- biggest allen key in your multi tool

· Hard industrial Anodizing

· Colors : black, red, green, blue, orange, purple


Choose the axle

Front axles 15mm:

Name Interfare Length Hub Thread Pitch Thread Length Compability
RS 15x100 Flat 147.5mm 100mm 15x1.5mm 10mm Rock Shox
RS 15x110 Flat 157.5mm 110mm 15x1.5mm 10mm Rock Shox
Road 15x125 Flat 125mm 100mm 15x1.5mm 10mm Rock Shox
Fox 15x100 Flat 145.5mm 100mm 14x1.5mm 12mm Fox
Fox 15x110 Flat 155.5mm 110mm 14x1.5mm 12mm Fox
Fox36 15x100 Flat 162mm 100mm 14x1mm 3,5mm Fox



Rear axles 12mm:

Name Interfare Length Hub Thread Pitch Thread length Compability
ABP 12x142 Flat 192mm 142mm 12x1.75 20mm Sram
ABP boost 12x148 Flat 198mm 148mm 12x1.75 20mm Trek
X-12 12x142 Tapered 159mm 142mm 12x1mm 16.5mm Syntace
X-12 boost 12x148 Tapered 166mm 148mm 12x1mm 17.5mm Syntace
E-Thru 12-142-148 Flat 171mm 142mm 12x1.5mm 17mm Shimano
E-Thru boost 12x148-150 Flat 178mm 148mm 12x1.5mm 18mm Shimano
Maxle 12x142 Flat 174mm 142mm 12x1.75mm 20mm Maxle
Maxle boost 12x148 Flat 182mm 148mm 12x1.75mm 20mm Maxle
Scott 12x142 Flat 168mm 142mm 12x1mm 16mm Scott
Scott boost 12x148 Flat 171.5mm 148mm 12x1mm 9mm Scott


Select the axl you need from the catalog.